GraffixPro Studio®
Intuitive design and layout software to create exciting, unique and personalized T-shirt designs in minutes.
Variable Data

Import names and numbers to easily generate a professionally personalized set of team wear within seconds. Large names will resize automatically to ensure all names fit inside the printable area. This is an absolute must have if you are in the personalization business to save time and eliminate manual errors.

Color Matching

Use the simple interface to get an exact color match from any element of the design. This tool is great for instantly matching text to the colors of a school or business logo. No knowledge of pantone colors or hex numbers required!

Font Collection

Create impressive personalizations for your customers with over 40 popular fonts included. Effects like arc text, outlines, gradients, distress and drop shadows unlock even more personalization opportunities! You can also import any True Type Font, providing easy access to hundreds of new fonts for your designs.

Save Templates

Create template files of artwork that can be easily edited later. Save the artwork as a flattened image by clicking on the Save Image button, or as a layered template for future editing by clicking on the Save Template button. Very handy for repeat orders or personalizing common designs quickly!

Quote Generator

Converting great artwork into sales is important. The Quote Generator allows Direct to Garment users to quickly create quotes that include customized artwork, contact info, purchasing cost and more. Ensure your customer will be happy with the final design and price before printing.

Order Management

All submitted orders can be managed within the Order Reports page, where you can review customer information, garment information, and design details. Change the status of each order as it goes through your production process to easily keep track of its progress at a glance.

Use Variable Data to create team apparel quickly
Preview personalized designs before sending them to the printer
Apparel decorators who can quickly produce personalized garments are in high demand and can charge a premium for their services. GraffixPro Studio® streamlines the personalization process so you can maximize your profit potential!
Inventory Management

Keep track of the quantity of each product you sell by style, color and size. Whenever inventory gets low, the line item will change to orange or red to let you know that you need to order more soon. If you run out of a product, that product will be temporarily disabled to ensure you don't create orders for products you don't have.

Blacklisted Words

Prevent customers from creating garments with trademarks you don’t have license to use, or block offensive language to maintain your brand image. The GraffixPro Studio® "Blacklist" feature enables you to upload a list of words you won’t print to potentially save yourself from some costly legal issues or bad press.

Order Barcoding

Easily scan and then send designs to your machine! GraffixPro Studio® generates unique barcodes for each job and order you create, enabling easy order and design retrieval. The barcodes can be printed out on a worksheet and then scanned with any barcode reader to locate the information you need to print.

White Ink Conversion

On certain Direct To Garment printers, pure white (RGB value 255, 255, 255) is used to activate the transparency setting. GraffixPro Studio® detects white RGB values when sending to a DTG printer and will automatically convert pure white to RBG 254, 254, 254 so that white ink prints correctly.

Direct Print Function

Eliminate lengthy setup times by sending designs straight to your Direct To Garment printer with GraffixPro Studio®. The appropriate settings for the garment you’re printing on are automatically copied and sent with the design - the operator can just thread the garment and press start!

Upload to PulseID Connect

Need to receive orders from a website(s), or have printers in multiple separate locations? GraffixPro Studio® can upload your personalized orders to PulseID Connect; a fulfillment center oriented order management and workflow system dedicated to the direct to garment printing industry.