GraffixPro Studio®
Intuitive design and layout software to create exciting, unique and personalized T-shirt designs in minutes.

Do You Personalize?

Personalization is trending across the United States and internationally. Apparel decorators who can customize a garment on the spot are in high demand and can charge a premium for their services. GraffixPro Studio® is built to streamline the personalization process so that you can provide the customer with exactly what they need, while maximizing your profit potential.

No need to learn complicated graphics software or photo editing programs - GraffixPro Studio® software includes artwork manipulation, distressed effects, shadows, gradients, and more so you can take basic artwork and quickly turn it into an artistic design.

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Edge out the


Easily customize any garment with quick full color prints on dark or light fabric. Get a serious edge over screen printers with your incredible speed, versatility, and no minimum quantity orders!
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Easy to Use

Easy to Impress

Turn basic artwork into intricate designs without learning complicated graphics software or photo editing programs.
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Create customer proposals, manage your orders and keep track of inventory. From design creation through to the finished product, GraffixPro Studio® improves your production workflow!
Variable Data

Import names and numbers to generate personalized products within seconds.

Color Matching

Apply an exact color match to your text from any element of a design.

Font Collection

Use one of 40+ popular fonts, or import any True Type Font for personalizations.

Quote Generator

Create quotes that include customized artwork, contact and purchasing information.

Order Management

Review customer information, garment information, and design details at a glance.

Inventory Management

Keep track of each product you have in stock by style, color and size.

Blacklisted Words

Prevent the use of trademarked names or offensive language.

Order Barcoding

Each job generates unique barcodes for easy order and design retrieval.

White Ink Conversion

GPS automatically converts pure white into 254, 254, 254 to print white ink correctly.

Direct Print Function

Garment appropriate print settings are automatically sent with the design to print.