Graffix Pro Studio is currently not available for sale outside the United States



How do I upgrade to the premium edition of the design software?

The ability to purchase an upgrade online (intended for US customers only) is available under the "Store" menu on the website. Once you purchase the upgrade, you will be provided with a download link and new activation code to activate your upgraded software.


How do I purchase additional licenses of design software to use on more computers?

Please Hirsch Solutions Inc at 1-800-394-4426, between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm EST. Or visit their website at

How can I purchase a license for the design software?

Please call  Hirsch Solutions Inc at 1-800-394-4426, between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm EST. Or visit their website at

How many computers can I install the software on?

A GraffixPro Studio® software activation license allows a single installation. If you need to purchase additional licenses, please contact Hirsch Solutions Inc at 1-800-394-4426, between 8 am – 5:00 pm EST. Or visit their website at

How do transfer the license from my old computer to my new one?

You can deactivate the license from the current computer so that it is freed up for use on another computer. For detailed instructions, please see “Deactivating GraffixPro Studio®” in the GraffixPro Studio® Software Version 2.0 User’s Guide.

How do I save artwork in the design software?

To save a design as an image in png or tif formats, click on the Save as Image command on the menu bar. Please note: This will place all design elements into a single layer that is non-editable in the future.
You may want to save a design as a custom template. Templates are design files that can contain text and images in a specific layout. Templates are especially useful in creating a large number of designs based on a single theme. For instance, if you need to print out a number of team shirts with the same mascot with different names and numbers, a template makes this job really quick and easy. Once your design is final, click on the Save command from the toolbar and then, click on ‘Save as Template’.
See how to save, and save as Template in this video

How do I print from the design software?

When your design is complete and ready for printing on a product, use the Print command – the icon found in the top menu of the design software. The Print command opens the Print dialog, which allows you to output the design in the format compatible with your Brother™ printer. It is important to have the correct GT printer drivers installed before printing.
Click here to watch a video on how to print from GraffixPro Studio®

What artwork file types can I use in the design software?

The following artwork formats are supported in GraffixPro Studio® software: .eps, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, and.pdf.

How do I add my own artwork/design category?

The Design Categories page allows you to set up the categories for designs in the Studio Design Gallery. You can create new categories and assign them within the existing categories; or, create a new category at the top level.
To add a new category to the Design Gallery:


  • Open the Design Categories page.
  • In the Parent field, select the path to the category you want the new category to belong to; for example, if you want to place it within Elements of Style, select Root/Elements of Style.
  • In the Name field, type in a name for the New category.
  • Click the Add button.


The new category will now appear in the Category tree on the left; also, this new category will now be available to add designs to on the Designs page. If you wish to have this category appear in GraffixPro Studio®, check the Active box and click Update.
Click here to watch a video on how to perform this step

How do I add artwork/designs that I already own into the software?

To add a new Design to the Gallery:

  • In the Category drop-down list, select the category in the Design Gallery to add the design to.
  • Type a name for the design in the Name field.
  • Enter any keywords to associate with the design. These are used for design searches in the Premium software level (additional purchase required).
  • Click Browse. You will see the “Choose file to upload” window.
  • Navigate to the directory containing the desired image file, and select the file you want to upload.
  • Check Active to have the design appear in the Design Gallery on GraffixPro Studio® software.
  • Click Submit.
  • When Studio is next restarted, the new design will appear in the specified place in the Design Gallery.

Click here to watch a video of performing the steps for adding in artwork to the GraffixPro Studio® Software.


How do I prepare artwork for printing on a dark garment using a Brother™ printer?

GraffixPro Studio® makes this really simple! In the Output settings, you only need to check the box to convert pure whites to 254s. GraffixPro Studio® will automatically convert any pure white (RGB values 255,255,255) in the artwork to 254,254,254 in order to be properly recognized by the GT print driver. And in the GT-3 print driver settings, select the “for Color+White” setting to add the white underbase so your design shows up in true colors on a dark garment.

How do I add a new garment in the design software?

You can add new products to display on GraffixPro Studio®. These can be added to the database using the Products page in the Administrator Area of the design software. You can access the Administrator Area by clicking on the Start Menu, select All Programs, click on the GraffixPro Studio® folder and click on the link for GraffixPro Studio® Administrator.
To add a new product to the list:

  1. Click the New button.
  2. Fill in the following:
    * A name for the new product.
    * The unit price for the new product.
  3. Check the Active checkbox to have the new product available on Studio.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Restart Studio; the product will now be available.

Configuring the new product
Once the new product has been created, it needs to be configured before it can be used by the GraffixPro Studio® Designer. In order for products to be usable, you must assign each one the following attributes: a Category (or Categories), Colors, Sizes, and Sides. As well, each combination side and color must be configured. This is also done on the products page - when you select a side, you will see a new area open at that lower right of the Product page, showing fields for filling in the attributes of the side that is selected.
Click here to watch a video on adding a product into the GraffixPro Studio® software.


How can I add my own fonts into the design software?

You can view all the available fonts on the Fonts page on your GraffixPro Studio® Administrator. The Fonts page also allows you to upload new TrueType® fonts, and to insert an image of the font to display in the fonts gallery of the GraffixPro Studio® software.
To add a new TrueType® font:
Go to the Fonts page in your GraffixPro Studio® Administrator, and select a category from the drop down list; this will determine which category the font will appear under in the Fonts gallery.
Click the browse button at the end of the Name field. A new field appears.
Click in the “Select a True Type font” field to display the list of TrueType Fonts available in your system; click on the font name to select it.
Check the Active box to have the font appear in the Font catalog; uncheck to keep it hidden.
(Optional) Click the Browse button (to the right of the Image field) to upload an image to represent the font in the font catalog. If you add a font without performing this step, GraffixPro Studio® will automatically create an image icon for the added font.
Note: Only .jpg, .png, or .gif files may be used for the font image.
Click Submit.
The new font will appear in the font Gallery when GraffixPro Studio® software is restarted.
Click here to watch a video on adding a font into the GraffixPro Studio® software.

How do I create a quote?

The Quote feature in the GraffixPro Studio® software is a quick way to generate a price quote for a job. This feature consists of a form, which includes a table. The table has spaces for relevant data, such as the product type, the quantity to be printed, the applicable taxes, and so on. When you click the Update Price button, the dialog automatically calculates the total.
After all the relevant information has been entered, you can print the Quote, or save it as a PDF.
Setting up the Quote Sheet:

  • On the GraffixPro Studio® software toolbar, click the Quote button.


The Quote form opens; you will see that the first line of the Quote dialog contains the details of the current product.

  • Click in the Customer information box to enter the customer information - name and contact information, as required.
  • To change the Quote sheet settings, click Edit. Make changes as required.


The logo, contact information, Watermark, Preview footnote, and Signature text fields all become active.
Click here to see how to create a quote.

How do I change the price on my quote template?

When the Quote dialog opens, the first row of the Pricing Description will show the product information of the current product that is open in the GraffixPro Studio® software.
You can add other products to the Quote, or modify the parameters of the original product.
In order to modify the Unit price: The master unit price is set in the Administrator, but you can choose to change it in the Quote dialog by selecting it and typing in a new value.
See how to change the price on your quote template.

To add a Company logo to the Quote template:
You must already have a file of your logo saved on your computer.
Under Company logo, click Browse.
You see the “Select file to upload...” dialog.
Browse to find the logo image file, and select it.
Click Open.
Your logo will now appear in the Quote dialog.
Click here to watch a video on how to add your own logo into the Quote feature of GraffixPro Studio® software.

Is GraffixPro Studio® software Mac™ compatible?

GraffixPro Studio® software has been developed as a Windows® product and is recommended to be used in a Windows® environment.

What are the system requirements?

The following are the requirements for installing the GraffixPro Studio® Administrator and GraffixPro Studio® Library:

  • Genuine Intel® Pentium® V, dual-core computer (or better).
    (Intel® and Pentium® are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries).
  • Operating systems - either Windows® 8 (32 or 64-bit), OR Windows® 7 (32 or 64-bit) with Service Pack 1, OR Windows® XP Pro (32-bit) with Service Pack 3 and IIS installed. (Design software is not available for Windows® Vista™.)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 & Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • MySQL™ Server 5.5
  • MySQL™ Connector ODBC (x86)
  • MySQL™ Connector NET 6.4.4 (x86)
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 50 GB free disk space


Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries

Is the GraffixPro Studio® software compatible with Windows Vista®?

GraffixPro Studio® is not compatible with Windows Vista®. It is compatible with Windows® 8 (32 or 64-bit), OR Windows® 7 (32 or 64-bit) with Service Pack 1, OR Windows® XP Pro (32-bit) with Service Pack 3

Do I have to be connected to the internet to use the software?

GraffixPro Studio® software needs an internet connection for activation of the serial number, and to access certain designs that are stored in a remote server. If you don’t want access to the artwork stored online, then you don’t have to maintain the internet connection after the activation has occurred.